UDK – Unreal Development Kit

Example scene of a single room

Here is a scene for anyone who wants to check out an example scene. There is a package that will need to be loaded and a level itself. This is just an example of what a level can look like. Some aspects of the existing packages were duplicated and tweaked, so feel free to explore the changes and tweaks i have done to the shaders.

World position offset, lightmass, lense flare, global position texture offset, mist materials... all of these things have been included in this scene so please check out what can be done in the engine.

This is by no means a 'final product' of what a game should look like or the settings that should be used, but if you want to test something out in a scene, by all means, use this as a 'testing ground' to see how things work.

The zip file can be downloaded from this location. Download Example Scene Here

Here are a few screen shots.