Deadrising 2

I worked on 4 of the Deadrising 2 titles as an environment artist.

The Simpsons Game

I worked for C4 Digital, a company that EA outsourced some character and prop art to.

John Wick: Chronicles

I worked on this VR game as an environment artist

Heavy Gear Assault

My primary job was to tweak and create anything needed to polish the project.

Transformers: Revenge of the fallen

I worked on this project as an environment artist while at Piranha Games.

The Solar system: Explore

This is a project I have been working on in my spare time. I personally created everything in the project with the exception of the planets written 'overview' section.


I was hired to help polish the game for its final release.

The Mandate

I was hired to created ships for a specific faction of the game.

Zombie Gunship

I was hired to create a number of environment assets for the project.

Mech Warrior

This was a 'Debut Trailer' that Piranha Games created to promote/stimulate excitement over the game.

Final Rush

I was hired to polish this game and bring it up to a higher visual standard.

SmartCap ToolBox

I was hired to create the visuals for this project.

Theme Park Studio

I was hired to create a number of roller coaster assets

Team Plan B

I was hired to create a quick interactive representation of a lunar lander for the team to show off during events.

Super Rally 3D

I was hired to create a few vehicles for a flash game

Wake Up Call

I was hired to create an asset really quickly that was needed for a trailer.

3D Landmarks

I was hired to create 'Landmarks' from around the world which was to be used for a mobile map app.

Dragon Strike

I was hired to polish up the 'Dragon Strike' live wallpaper.

Bass Pro Shop

I was brought onto the team at 'Piranha Games' to work on polishing up these two hunting/fishing titles.

Little Fighter Online

I was hired to work on the character modeling for this game.